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About Bonuses and Free Bets

For people who are unfamiliar with the workings of sign up bonuses and free bets provided by online bookmakers, they are nothing but additional money that gets added to your account, to help you maximise your betting activity, as a reward for availing their services. You are generally required to make a certain deposit and bet a certain amount of your own, in order to benefit from these bonuses. Nevertheless, they are essentially free money at core.

These bonuses are also an excellent means for increasing your bankroll, and some of the online portals are pretty generous with them, particularly with regard to new clients who sign up for the first time and make a first time deposit. Let’s go over some reasons why online bookmakers give away such bonuses and the different kinds that can be availed. We’ll also throw light on the importance of terms and conditions associated with these bonuses.

Why online sports betting portals offer free bets and bonuses?
The number of online bookmakers on the Internet has increased a great deal over the years, as the online betting industry has grown by leaps and bounds over a period of time. What this means is that sports bettors have more number of options to place their bets. Resultantly, these websites are also working overtime to attract new clients and keep them on board. They do this with the help of bonuses and several other means. Free bets and bonuses are essentially given away as incentives to bring people on board and make them wager on the website.
The whole idea is that you’re more likely to join an online bookmaker if you can use a decent size bonus after signing up. The chances of you making additional deposits subsequently also increase a great deal if the bookmaker offers more bonuses from time to time. These websites work on the principle that it’s always better to hand out such rewards if they help in customer retention, as they can always make their money back in the long term.
Why this is so is because majority of people who bet regularly, end up losing money in the long run, especially if they don’t have a solid betting plan, which most of them don’t. So, if a website gives $ 100 bonus to a client who eventually spends $ 800 with them - that’s excellent return on investment! However, not every punter loses money and if you’re organised about your online betting activity, you can take huge advantage of such bonuses.

Terms and conditions associated with such bonuses
When it comes to these bonuses you may think that nothing comes for free and there may be some hidden conditions behind them. However, these bonuses are actually available for free. But it’ll also not be true to say that they’re absolutely free for nothing, because there are certain terms and conditions associated with them. These conditions are not unreasonable though. Normally, you’d be required to make a certain deposit and place a certain number of bets to claim the bonus amount; which is absolutely fair.
The amount you are required to bet is referred to as the betting or play through requirement. Many sites keep these requirements at minimum, while others can keep them very high. Hence, it’s extremely important for you to go through these terms and conditions before opening an account with the bookmaker and depositing any money.
Certain websites impose stringent rules related to use of such bonus credits towards bets. You may also notice that the bets placed at short odds may not count. While some websites may allow you to keep both the bet amount and winnings, others may allow you to withdraw only the winnings. You must check all these terms and conditions beforehand.

Different types of sports betting bonuses
One of the most commonly offered bonuses by sports betting websites is the signup bonus. You’ll be provided this incentive whenever you sign up with a website. It’s normally a fixed percentage of the first deposit and can be availed up to a certain amount. You’ll immediate get this bonus into your betting account after making an initial deposit, and will be able to withdraw it along with any winnings, after meeting the betting requirements.
Please note that some websites may offer you free bets instead of such bonuses. Few may even provide you with a tiny free bet, just for coming on board. Many websites won’t award you any bonus right away, and rather give you a certain refund amount if you lose your first bet. This type of incentive is not so valuable, however, means that you can bet risk free in the beginning. You must carry out a comprehensive comparison between different online bookmakers to figure out the best among them from the bonus perspective.
Reload bonuses are pretty common too and are offered by several websites. They are quite similar to sign up bonuses, but are available to existing customers instead of the new ones. While some websites offer reload bonuses on the first deposit made each month, others offer this incentive on a per week basis. Few websites go to the extent of offering a reload bonus for every deposit!

Final Thoughts
Bonuses offered by online bookmakers is one of the key parameters that you can rank them on. However, please don’t think that the bigger the bonus, the better the bookmaker will be. Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong in bookmakers being generous. Hence, almost all the good online sports betting websites offer decent bonuses to both their first time and regular customers.